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Jagannath temple is the most famous place of Bokaro.It is located near Jawaharlal nehru biological park.It is the temple made up of marble rocks.The entire temple looks white.The prasad of ghee ladoo and khaza is very tasty.There are some small temples also here like temple of lord Shiva,lord Ganesha,Navgraha etc.The entire campus is very beautiful.The temple is impressive as well as peaceful and well-maintained. It would have been excellent if the adjoining Suraj Kund lake was also well-maintained, but this...

Best Tour Package in Bokaro

Corbett Nainital Tour       6days/7night  

Country:  India         State:  Jharkhand         City:  Bokaro

Date:  2013-10-20      Time:  03:07:00           Specialty Museums · Landmarks · Gardens

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cities of wind       6days/7night  

Country:  India         State:  Jharkhand         City:  Bokaro

Date:  2020-10-07      Time:  04:31:45           Observation Deck · Bridge

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Couple Tour       6days/5night  

Country:  India         State:  Jharkhand         City:  Bokaro

Date:  2024-03-16      Time:  04:30:00           Hiking Trails · Lookouts · Geologic Formations

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